Tuesday, April 24

CSD - Day 8 & 9

Day 8: "The New Normal"
I'm hearind this phrase a LOT lately. Things are changing in every profession - people are being asked to do more with less, and boy can we feel it! Bad new is that acid overload begins with stress. Good news is that we're not alone - breathe deeply together.

In regards to CSD, it is welcome to become the New Normal for me! It stinks to miss out on friend time, so once the cleanse is over, I might make some exceptions for gluten and maybe a little dairy when I eat out. But when I cook at home, I'll keep it pretty much the same. Everything has been delicious and so healthy! And the Green Juice still looks really pretty in my pink bottle (glad I chose that color!).

Last night I spent some quality time in the kitchen making some quinoa-mango-cilantro filling for lettuce wraps (yum). Then I met my darling Nia at Vito's for a nightcap. I had seen the bartender at a coffee shop last Sunday and told him I might now see him because I'd be on a 21-day cleanse. I was mistaken, because he makes some mean fruit juice cocktails (fresh squeezed!). Thanks, Justin!

Day 9: Nori Roll Tuesday
Told you they'd become a standard! So easy and delicious. My featured ingredients this time were dates and asparagus.

I have to share that I get to see Mt. Rainier every morning just like I used to see Mt. Hood.

Today has been uneventful. I feel great and work is going very well. Tonight I'll be going to a Tacoma Rainiers game with my girls Brenda (MedRecs) and Margaret (HR) from work. We won tickets in a raffle. Happy Administrative Professionals Week, Ladies. I'll post a picture later.

Benefits so far:
* my resting heart rate has lowered
* my mind has become clearer - especially when I slow down and deep breathe (this is now my go-to for moments of stress or when I overload on tasks)
* my allergies aren't as bad as they were on my bike ride a few weeks ago (I'm attributing this to the neti pot use)
* my black pencil skirt fits again!! (While this diet isn't about weight loss for me, I do remember a moment in time before even going floating when I looked in the mirror and thought, "Well, I guess this was bound to happen. Getting older means moving up in jeans sizes, right?" Not so.)
* gotta say it one more time...I'M NOT STARVING! (that is as long as I eat lunch at work)


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