Sunday, April 22

CSD - Day 5, 6 & 7

"May I be happy and free. May I be loving and loved. May I be healthy and whole."

Friday Successes: 
* I implemented a 3 Strikes You're Out rule in the car - made it by with only 2 each way
(For those who know me well, you may have experienced some of my road rage and intense, let's say, driving style. My goal was to stay calm and collected to keep flash floods of acid from stress or anger out of my body.
* Jogging after work was great! I found a nice little route that allowed me to end at the local produce store. And I saw these horsies while running to "Judy and the Dream of Horses" by Belle & Sebastian. 

*Sober Karaoke until 1am with my roommate, Cayla!: Was 1 of 6 people singing karaoke all night

I decided to make Saturday my fasting day (the cleanse calls for one a week, so 3 times total), because I didn't want to feel extra tired on Monday at work. Boy was I wrong about how I'd feel! I had about 4 green juices all day and I only felt hungry and tempted to eat solid food when I was around solid food. One of my juices was purchased from Healeo at 15th and Madison, because juicing wheatgrass at home regularly requires a LOT of wheatgrass. 
Check out my Crazy Sexy Patio Time Glow (and 2nd green juice of the day)! 

Saturday morning I woke up and made 2 green juices to take with me downtown. I met Allie for makeovers with NARS and to do a little spring shopping. Then I headed home to get some sun on my patio and relax some before my Aunt Shannon and cousins (Deitrich & Elise) came over. We walked to Capitol Hill to play in the park and take a peek at Value Village. It was very nice to see them - they're growing up so stinkin fast! 

Saturday's Thought: There's a pretty basic prayer that I've been keeping with me for about a month now. It goes 
"May all beings everywhere be happy and free, 
and may the thought, words, and actions of my own life 
contribute to that happiness and to the freedom for all." 
I like to think of specific people one at a time and intentionally wish them happiness and freedom. In short, it's teaching me to ease up on the things I try to control about other people. (Yes, I've called it many things throughout my life, and I've just come to terms with the fact that I tend to be controlling. What I'd like to get out of this cleanse is the ability to LET GO - hense the 3 Strikes rule in the car.)

Today was all about veggies and sunburns! Happy Earth Day, by the way. 
The Capitol Hill Farmers Market opened today and I was definitely there to gather some fresh produce. It was a nice treat, but it's not the most cost-effective way to grocery shop. This week, however, I am much more in touch with what I have vs. what I need. 
Then I got pretty burned while watching a pickup softball game and crafting with Danielle. The sun has been so refreshing! 

Goals for the week: 
Preplan meals! I got good at this, but I don't want to lose momentum. 
Don't forget your Multivitamin at work over the weekend again, Leslie! 
Work on Birthday Project
Check out The Fire Start Sessions (I need to look at it before I commit to going for it. I'm afraid it will change my 5-year plan and I can't have that!
Sleep for 8 hours! Not 7 or 7.5. 


  1. Leslie,
    The sun is SO refreshing!
    Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend. I like your goals. Especially, pre-planning meals. So worth the effort!
    Wondering what your "birthday project" is?

  2. Aren't Shannon and her munchkins so cute?

    I love that you're taking such great care of yourself.

  3. The Birthday Project is a SECRET, but all my loved ones will reap the benefits!