Tuesday, April 17

CSD - Day 2

"My organs are healthy and powerful!"

Today I tried:
1) ginger in my juice (yum!)
2) nori rolls with amino acids & more ginger (dates were my fave!)
3) my multivitamin with Vitamin B12
4) rebounding!
5) soaking and cooking chickpeas
6) driving home with no music (still got distracted - I must have ADD)

Here's some rebounding for ya:

I also had an accomplishment at work. I spoke to my bosses about starting Administrator in Training in the fall. Looks like there are no objections unless they decide to put me in a formal program soon. I think I would rather stay in Gig and keep my Admissions job, but we'll see what they come up with.

8 Hours of Sleep, get some work done in my body tonight, ok? I want some "muscle repair, memory enhancement, horomone release, metabolism regulation," and much more!
Nighty Night!


  1. Aww, you're so cute! Mmm, I love ginger. Trader Joe's makes these delicious ginger candies that I keep by my desk. They're super spicy.

  2. Hi Allie,
    Those ginger things are good.
    Leslie does look cute. She's super spicy too!
    Your arms are looking buff, Leslie.