Wednesday, April 18

CSD - Day 3

Two Things I have learned in the last 6 months: 
"Be Gentle with Yourself. Be Good to Yourself." 
To me, this implies that I need to challenge myself in moderation. One thing at a time, Les! And in the meantime, be sure my body and mind can handle what I throw it's way.

Today I learned officially that I become a different person at work. I've done a lot to change my own job over the last month or so - to coincide with being gentle & good to myself - but I haven't done a whole lot to intentionally work well with my co-workers. Incorporating this new lifestyle at work is going to be my #1 challenge that I am hoping 3 weeks of focus will change. I might just have to continue on the cleanse if I don't get a handle on it...

Anyway, things I learned today:

* I must eat lunch at noon - no later - or I get really grouchy!!

* I can do situps again! (this doesn't have to do with the cleanse, but since I've been doing yoga regularly, I've really strengthened my core, which is resulting in better posture and tummy fat loss)

* I'm struck EVERY morning (3 so far...) that I'm doing this routine AGAIN. Normally, I might say, "oh, leslie, you did so good. Time to Treat yo'self!" But I'm actually enjoying it and feel like it's allowing that seed inside of me named "commitment" to possibly sprout a little. I need more chlorophyll aka Liquid Sunshine aka Green Juice! 

"Chlorophyll is a powerful blood builder. That's right, the blood of the plant literally helps heal and detoxify the blood of the body. It increases red blood cell production and enhances the cells' ability to carry oxygen." - CSD

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  1. You're doing an awesome thing for your body and mind. I'm so proud of you.