Thursday, April 19

CSD - Day 4

"Let your goals, no matter how big, be and feel real to you."

Today felt stressful at times. I think I'm stressing a little too much about the whole eating and exercising 3 hours before bed. I think it's important, but I can't be super rigid about it. I especially don't need to stress out about it. 

Dinner was quite a concern to me tonight as you can see in the following clip:

I just finished re-reading the sections about Fasting & Exercise. 

Saturday will be a fasting day for me. I will drink filtered water and as much herbal tea as I want. I will also have anywhere from 4-infinity green juices. Filling my body with lots of nutrients and oxygen! My body will be getting a break from digesting solid foods. 

I was discussing why exercise is good for you with my lady friends on Wednesday night and I spit out the answer I guess I've always thought was true - you sweat out all the toxins, right? Well, it turns out that exercise is good for you because it 
1) allows the body to heal faster than normal (8x faster), 
2) floods your body with oxygen (dis-ease's worst fear), & 
3) pumps acidic waste away from your tissues via your lymph. 
"Your tissues depend on lymph to provide oxygen and carry off wastes. If the lymph doesn't circulate, then the tissues suffocate in their own acidic waste products...If you recall, lymph is circulated by a pump call move your ass!" 


  1. Leslie,
    Great info about the benefits of exercise! I never regret exercising. Love the endorphins!

  2. Is the recipe for the tacos in the video in CSD?

  3. Is that the shirt you bought at Ann Taylor with me?

  4. Thanks for all the comments! I didn't use a recipe for the tacos. I just made my own chickpeas ahead of time and put some lemon & cilantro in them. Then I used a Trader Joes guacamole kit to add. The vegan "sour cream" was tofu, apple cider vinegar, salt & sugar (I said pepper in the video...oops!)So yummy!!
    I don't think it was the shirt from Ann Taylor - it was a maroon t-shirt I have.